It’s not all about Vintage clothes look cool – it’s circular economy

It’s exciting to go on a vintage market . At the bottom of the blog, there is a video, you can join me in looking at Brussels Vintage Market .

Vintage clothing has more personality, are often unique and can often be bought cheaply compared to the quality.

But is there more into it, is there anything else in the vintage wave than cool clothes and furniture?

Does wearing vintage instead of new make you a better person? Maybe or maybe not, but a society as reuses resources is a better society for humans, animals and climate!

The mindset behind a circular economy is highly relevant for both industrial policy and energy system. It expands our traditional understanding of what a resource is. It increases the value of existing resources by reducing waste and promote recycling.

We must work to use, not consume, resources. With the population growth and increase in prosperity there is no alternative. There is simply not enough non-renewable resources again for everybody.

Even on the most important day in your life is vintage a good choice!13957576_10153573880657315_206216667_n



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