BREXIT and what future for European Citizenship – It is absolutely op to us!

Last night I had the great pleasure to join a public debate – BREXIT and what future for European citizenship, at Maison des Associations Internationale. The public debate is a part of a three-day Summer University on European Citizenship

 The panelists:

  • Andrew Duff – Visiting Fellow at European Policy Centre
  • Philippe Cayla – President of Européens sans frontiéres
  • Monica Frassoni – Co-chair of the European Green Party

After the election, called a large number of British citizens to get information. how to apply for citizenship in Belgium. There is a growing uncertainty among British citizens about how to plan their own and their children’s future. More UK citizens are going to their Commune to apply for dual citizenship.

Philippe Cayle:

Talk about how did we come to this point and,  and were we are going.  We were so lucky that he had with some cartoons

He sed, we did not think BREXIT would become a reality. In the same tame the election campaign was ugly, lays from both sides made it impossible for people to get real information.

A lot of British was, and is angry. They don’t get anything out of the EU membership. They do not want the world to change.The British chose against globalization, not against EU.

He believes that people should be entitled to vote in the countries they live. Regardless of citizenship, and it will create a better climate of debate and creating a greater cohesion.

Andrew Duff:

We do not now what BREXIT is.

UK may stay in the singelmarked, and get a situation as Norway. UK may keep the 4 freedoms, but then BREXIT don’t give the people what they wishes, closed border. BREXIT is noot simple, compromises has to be done.  Article 50 givs 2 year window.

There is much to be done before we really know sea BREXIT means. Everything is uncertain. At first it talks about how to end EU membership, and then later negotiate trade agreement. Most likely with other retailers. One can envision a similar agreement with Turkey and the UK, everything is an open question.
The major problem in the EU is the lack of trust between citizens and the EU lead, this must be taken seriously! Another thing is how allocating seats at the next election when the British do not have their longer.

We must show that the EU is a true success for get UK back.

Monia Frassoni:

Now those who want to defend the good values gather forces. One must fight for what you want, and now stands human rights and everything at stake!
It is absolutely op to us!

As Co-chair of the European Green Party, she told us how the Greens in UK suddenly started  appreciate EU. What happens to the elections the Greens in the UK, They were suddenly very positive for the EU because they realyse all values.

Campaigns in the UK was based on lies and that is a problem for democracy. Those who lied were credible. Democratic was hijacked. We have to thanging politics, truth must be clearer. EU is able to create jobs.

Europe have to take this discussion about closed bourder, calm and find solutions. Give the UK what they wish, closed border, limit migrants. The discussion of closed borders is in several countries, especially in the new EU countries. Maybe we should let them have it.

She hink UK will come back in the EU if we got a agreement that takes care of a core that allows to the British want to come back.

No conclusion:

BREXIT is another warning that the EU institutions must embark on ambitious reforms to enhance citizens’ engagement, civic participation and involve them more in agenda-setting and European election campaigns.

There were many good questions from the audience, and some of the answers are embedded in the text. The blog was too long to bring everything.

May the European parties have campaigning against each other to engage? What has the EU to give residents who have not been outside their county? What about the future for European citizenship? Could its further development be a remedy to Europe’s crises? In many ways, it came up more questions than those who answered, but maybe it’s such a good debate should stop? The discussion continues.


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