Developing capacity to identify and to respond to trafficking


The British Red Cross and Croatian Red Cross had a conference on Developing capacity to identify and to respond to trafficking on Wednesday 7th September, 2016.

The main project aims and results:

  • To equip frontline practitioners with the skills necessary to recognise the signs of trafficking, and then be equipp
    ed to respond. The project did this by developing a transferable e-module  for Red Cross staff and volunteers, and Croatian police officers and other frontline staff
  •  To equip frontline caseworkers with the skills necessary to provide a supportive casework response that empowers trafficked people to enact their rights and make informed decisions. The project did this by developing a transferable e-module and face to face training for caseworkers, as well as referral pathways and guidance documents for caseworkers to use.
  • To observe trends and gather knowledge on groups vulnerable to trafficking in human beings, especially women at risk, domestic workers, Roma communities and undocumented workers through systematic data collation. The project did this in the UK by developing a British Red Cross database to collect trafficking specific information
  • To exchange and disseminate information, knowledge and good practices between EU Member States and globally through the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) movement for identifying and assisting VoT using victim centred approaches. The project did this
    through a variety of events and membership of different networks

The conference vas an opportunity to get the main outputs of the PROTECT project, the discussing  of collaborative working and to understand how to address trafficking in the context of the trafficking. We got information about protection needs of trafficked people in a variety of contexts.

The British Red Cross, Croatian Red Cross, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the Office for Human Rights and National Minorities (OHRNM) Croatia have been working on the PROTECT project since September 2014. The PROTECT project is co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme of the European Union (ISEC).

Image: The picture was taken under the conferanse, from a video.

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