Sanar Yurdatapan questioning democracy in Turkey

Sanar Yurdatapan (Picture above) is a composer and human rights activist. Born in Susurluk (Turkey) in 1941. He became known as a composer and songwriter during the 1970s. In 1979 he established DEMAR (Democratic Artists community). After the military coup in 1980, he left Turkey and traveled to Germany, where he lived in exile for over 11 years.

He is active defender of civil disobedience from whistleblowers and human activist.

To help us to understand what one feels in Turkey, he showed a movie. It showed how Erdogan has chansged strategy relatively often. The president has totalitarian tendencies.

Turkey is back at war, the United States has suddenly been allowed to have troops there. Attacks on HDP. People are afraid of the authorities because they controlled media.

When the oposisjon HDP came over the hay barrier-borderm he looking to crush them. After the the attempted coup the leader was arrest. Acutest them for have been involved in the attempted coup. Parliament is by-past and have only small things to do .

Turkey has good relations with the EU. EU could do sohimeng to change the situation with Turkey’s path towards not democracy. The problems surrounding the Kurds have been overshadowed by the attempted coup. Turkish people have to engage in civil disobedience to achieve progress, it will in this case succeed. Insults groups as Kurds have lost all faith in him. Erdogan goes to war, and may lose votes.

Last 2 years, he has challenged the EU, that they will accept a non democratic government. EU principles, such as Human Rights, must not be deleted.

Freedom of expression disperses, journalists are going to jail and being killed. It is important that the focus on so that journalists do not lose hope.

Oliver Money-Kyrle: International federally Journalists: Everyone has the right to express themselves, it is not just about journalists. Better situation if the coup fails versus not, but the situation for media etc are worse.


The attempted coup in Turkey

Over 80,000 public employees are either imprisoned, deposited or under investigation in Turkey after the attempted coup in July. Among those arrested are both teachers, judges, officers and soldiers. Turkey accuses a US-based preacher to stand behind. ( NRK )

The conflict in Turkey : 28 mayors in Turkey and will be replaced by his own people. Experts believe Erdogan and the government plays the ball to the feet of guerrillas PKK.

Sanar Yurdatapan about refugees situation:

It descendants in addition to the democratic problems, and not part of the struggle for democracy, but it does of course the situation much worse  when Germany, his 2 fatherland is willing to do everything to end it. Thus Erdogan get free hands when he promises to do something about it.

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