To talk about climate with «inside the house» voice

The deep conversation. The reflections. Balanced people who can keep calm and come up with solutions with sugar on. Once a time, a long time ago, I could also spend a Friday night talking about politics and drink red wine. The truth about climate has become a scream that must be kept under control if I want to talk politics.

«Inside the house» – voice. Many of the discussions between environmentalists are about how to reach others. One has the positive svisionars. As Per Espen Stoknes smiling explains how we must be positive in order for people not to become too scared, or think things are too difficult. That will push people away he says. He is probably right.

You have those who talk that we have to be honest, people have to figure out how bad it is. The oil is black, not black painted. They can make statements about this as canapés in suitable sizes, and I can only dream of managing to keep the laid back tone and have the same belief whether people would care if they understood better.

Then we have the pragmatic. I really wish I could be pragmatic. Negotiate here and there, be happy with the percentages, and talk about the opportunities that seem to open up.

Not to mention the green businessmen and woman, who proclaim the belief in green growth, and envisage solid earnings only the market turns. A visits in the holies places are not recommended. Solid hangovers should be expected.

The rage is about to become a monster that cannot serve passable green climate drinks in a «civilized» conversation about bits and bobs. That’s all these ordinary people I start to have a strong refusal to talk to. I am simply fed up with people who believe that climate solutions can be bought by distributing the city’s pocket money to the right places, giving a few crumbs to the climate solutions press group in fierce competition with artists, schoolchildren and the elderly.

It is this eternal growth that people are brainwashed to believe. A thought that if only the garbage can grow in peace, we will be happier. And quite a few toxins we can’t even see, can we? The greenhouse effect is very 80’s to care about, isn’t it? I mean, fashion has gone in circles so many times that it’s not even retro to worry about it? We have a good live. And tax relief, we do deserve some extra money dont we? It doesn’t hurt with a little extra money, does it? In the holiday budget, or maybe be able to pay off some on the credit card. The world is limping on, the doomsday clock is ticking another notch.

It turns in my stomach, we don’t have years left. It’s not climate anxiety, it’s climate fear and rage.

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